25 Things Non-Runners Don’t Get About Runners

1. Why does anyone need more than one pair of running shoes?

3. Almost coming to blows over “Born to Run.”

4. Rolling out of a warm bed to run in the snow.

6. And liking it so much you make motivational posters about it.

7. Driving two hours at 5 a.m. to run 13.1 miles in sleet for nothing but free bagels and a cheap T-shirt.

Starbucks has bagels, and is warm.

8. Monitoring your urine — ewww.

9. And showing off your black toenails — double ewww.

10. Posting running shoe selfies on Facebook and Twitter.

11. Running through the woods with water strapped to your back.

12. Calling this running.

13. Not being able to answer a question about running shoes in 500 words or less.

14. Training when you know you won’t win.

15. And being more than OK with that.

17. Fighting over gel shot flavors — whatever gel shots are.

18. Runner’s tan.

19. Runner’s trots — just ewww.

20. Planning vacations so you can try out a new running trail.

21. Continuing running after a doctor says you probably should take a week or two off.

22. And other runners not seeing what’s the big deal.

23. Critiquing actors’ running forms in movies.

24. Continuously adding to their collection of running books.

25. And, after all this, runners thinking non-runners are the odd ones.

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