You Really Need To Watch This Hilariously Bad ’80s Breakdancing Movie

If you have not seen Breakin’, the dramatic 1984 tale of dance’s triumph of good over evil, you should. Here’s why.

2. Meet Kelly. She just wants to d-a-n-c-e. But she’s struggling and has a very depressing day job in a pizza place.

3. This is Franco, an evil jazz dance instructor who just wants to get into Kelly’s leotard.

4. Kelly scores an agent! He’s going to catapult her into the big leagues.

5. But then she starts hanging out with a bunch of street dancers (aka breakdancers), including this hottie, who goes by the name Ozone.

6. Ice-T is also in it!

7. The drama comes when Kelly starts dancing with Ozone’s crew. Will she be able to make it as a street dancer now? You’ll have to see for yourself. But here’s a preview of the very cool dancing that goes on (and occupies most of the movie):

8. Ozone is about to start some shit.

9. I wouldn’t want to dance battle this chick. She’s terrifying.

11. And guess what? You can watch the entire movie here:

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